BSA Regal Cutting Tools are the sole manufacturer of the well established Robert Charles brand of high quality cutting tools which, over the past 40 years, has earned its enviable worldwide reputation in the demanding aerospace, automotive,   marine and general engineering industries.  

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality countersinks and counterbores using only the best quality M35 and M42 high speed steel. The addition of cobalt in M35 and M42 greatly enhances performance and tool life when compared to standard high speed steel. We also manufacture in carbide for more demanding applications.

Our standard inventory is the result of paying close attention to the needs of our customers. Our current product range has evolved over time to include even more relevant products which allows us to offer next day delivery on 90% of orders for catalogue items. Although it is imperative to have high levels of standard items in stock, we also understand that it is essential to offer variations to catalogue items with minimal increase to lead times. To this end, we hold hardened blanks which are ready to be finish ground and delivered within 2 or 3 days.

Products we specialise in are as follows:

  • Microstop piloted countersinks – integral and removable pilots
  • Straight shank or “stem” or “open” piloted countersinks
  • Back cutters or “reverse countersinks” available with bayonet or screwed type shanks
  • Back spot face cutters available with bayonet or thread type shanks
  • DIN standard 3 flute metric countersinks
  • 3 flute imperial countersinks
  • 2 flute “chatterless” countersinks
  • Single flute countersinks
  • Zero flute (hole through) deburring tools
  • Multi-flute countersinks or “rose” countersinks
  • Morse taper shank countersinks up to 80mm Diameter
  • Counterbores

A large part of our service is manufacturing to customer requirements with products ranging from small back cutters and spot facing tools for the aerospace industry, to 100mm diameter countersinks for the rail industry. 

The manufacture of specialist cutting tools in either HSS Co or Carbide can often be achieved from 3 to 6 weeks. We pride ourselves in being able to produce bespoke cutting tools from limited information, be that a hand sketch or a finished component drawing. 

We are committed to assist our customers and therefore we will always exhaust all possibilities within our equipment capabilities before declining an enquiry.